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SAK Manifesto

We are in action!

We are part of a sustainable community which considers travelling as a connection to a different way to see the world.

At SAK Wine & Travel, we believe that sustainability is the means to achieve balance by promoting responsible behaviour that encourages understanding among people, communities and their environment.

We take full account of the environmental impact tourism has on our region and we are convinced that sustainable travel is a key factor to address this problem collectively by raising awareness and commitment.

We want our visitors to be part of a life-changing experience so when they go back home, they understand that big changes start with small steps.


We are responsible for our future


Water is an essential part of Mendocinian history and it is our motivation to take care of it.


We take care of water by not polluting it and by promoting its responsible use in every activity we propose.

Move For Life

Life is movement. We move around in order to see the world from a different perspective. We shorten distance by visiting different destinations and exploring them from the inside, understanding their culture and connecting with them, being part of their landscape.

We are aware of the path because water is our guidance. Water flows through us and shows us the path. Water is magical. Anything it touches grows and changes. It is in constant movement like us. It takes different forms and adjusts to new terroirs. The more it explores, the more energy it reaches.

Wine brings us closer and heightens our senses. Fresh mountain air breathes life into us and renews us.

We are not the same anymore, something has changed.

That is Mendoza, that is SAK

SAK In Action


Didymo, commonly known as rock snot, is an exotic invasive species that colonizes aquatic environments and alters the native ecosystem and its biodiversity. Along with CONICET and UNCuyo, we are working trying to reduce its spread in the water bodies in Mendoza.


Many of our travellers visit the mountain area in Mendoza. We would like to specify the safety measures and precautions necessary to enjoy outdoor activities responsibly and safely.


Water is an essential part of Mendocinian history. Water stream has played a crucial role in the productive structure of the province and it is also a fundamental piece in the development of its culture. We want every tourist visiting Mendoza to know our history in which water is the main character.


In Mendoza, PET containers usually end up in the ditches and the irrigation canals. We assume total responsibility for the plastic our visitors generate by collecting and recycling these containers.


Eglantine is an exotic invasive species that damages ecosystems affecting water streams. We are working on an agreement with an important Local Company community in order to collaborate with the harvest and production of eglantine jam in order to limit the spices propagation and to promote the local community entrepreneurs.